Foodbuzz 24x24: “If We Can’t Party Together, Then We’re Going to Watch Alone”: LOST Finale Party

Losties, unite! The unique and intriguing TV series with a cult following promised to finally give us some answers this month, with a 2.5-hour series finale.
To celebrate, Mrs. W and I who always watch LOST together (and discuss it at length, dissect blogs about the episodes, and generally engage in nerdy fandom together) planned a series finale party that was LOST themed to the extreme. Holding it a week later proved difficult, as it seemed like every Web site (and even Good Morning, America) had some sort of incite on the final episode.
After sending Oceanic 815 boarding pass invitations to our guests, we prepared LOST and tropical-themed foods, decorated the “island” appropriately with island décor and pieces of luggage strewn about, and got ready for the end of a geeky, yet intriguing era.
A big THANKS to Foodbuzz for sponsoring this party. I look forward to more 24x24 events!

Our LOST menu was as follows:

Mr. Cluck’s Fried Chicken
Locke’s Wild Boar Sandwiches (Pulled Pork)
Jin’s Freshly Caught Tuna
Hurley’s Hurled Hot Pockets
Tortilla Chips with Mango & Black Bean Salsa
Dharma Fish Biscuits

Plane Crashcakes
Island Whispers Truffles
Palm Tree Sugar Cookies

Dharma Beer and Wine

This is the first time I have ever made fried chicken myself, and it turned out to be much easier than I expected. I soaked the chicken in buttermilk and spices overnight and fried the chicken a couple hours before guests arrived. Once everyone had taken residence in the basement, I heated the chicken in the oven on a cookie rack over a baking sheet. The chicken was packed with flavor and incredibly moist.
Mrs. W brought this amazing pulled pork in her crock pot. The meat was so tender and delicious, and had an incredible smoky BBQ flavor. It was definitely a huge hit, as everybody went for seconds (and sometimes thirds)!
I did not make either of these dishes, but they are both rooted in LOST culture. They proved to be a big hit with our fellow-LOSTies. (Don’t worry – we didn’t actually throw any of the hot pockets.)
Don’t be fooled by the Nemo-ish shape. These buttermilk biscuits were anything but fishy. I normally prefer a slightly sweeter biscuit, but they were the perfect carb buddy to our fried chicken.
Next to the pulled pork, I would say this salsa was the biggest hit. This is a refreshing salsa that is perfect for a warm summer night. This would be excellent on top of grilled seafood, or a Mexican chicken dish.
These cupcakes we ahh-mazing. A cross between bread and a cupcake, these banana cupcakes were the perfect tropical-themed dessert. Paired with cream cheese frosting, I think they would be good at anytime during the day. (Any excuse to have cupcakes for breakfast. :) )
I’m pretty much in love with these truffles. Rich and decadent, they are delicious and the perfect food to make you think you are on a tropical island, sipping a fruity drink and watching the sun set. If you love cheesecake and coconut, you would surely love these incredible truffles.
No party would be complete without sugar cookies – especially those shaped like palm trees! My go to recipe is always a hit, and they were perfect to snack on during those nail biting final scenes.
To end the evening, we left our guests with LOST favors.Using these “air-sick” bags, we sent guests home with airplane-sized bottles of alcohol, and plenty of dessert leftovers. The finale episode of LOST may have left some feeling unfulfilled and wanting more, but our guests were full and happy after a successful party! (But don’t get them started on the show.)


Disneypal said...

Oh my gosh - this is AWESOME !!

Angie said...

I was wanting to do something similar to this but I wouldn't have been able to do it the night of the finale and I knew I wouldn't be able to wait to watch it until the next weekend. I had so many things all planned out too and was so bummed :( I'll have to live vicariously through this post.

FOODalogue said...

I'm not (wasn't) a Lost fan so some of this is truly lost (pun intended) on me; however, I have to give you props for a very creative idea.

Pikko said...

Great idea to do a 24x24 on Lost! Thought I'd come and give you a link to my Lost themed food, since you seem to have the same Lost food tastes as me! :)

Unknown said...

Love it! We kept it simple with wings and Hurly ranch sauce, Sawyer fish biscuit cookies. You went all out, looks good!